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Sildenafil Oral Strips

Sildoral Strips are fortune strips for the patients who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. These strips are a perfect re-placement for Pills, Jelly and Chewable. By unique formulations the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate is absorbed via the oral mucosa and directly enters the Systemic circulation which works faster when compared to other dosage forms when absorbed through the stomach. We Livkon Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturing, Providing and supplying a wide range of Sildenafil Oral Strips in Mumbai and India.

These are very user friendly, you want to just allow one strip melt on the tongue - no water is needed. The active ingredient will then be absorbed quickly through the mucosa and transported to the blood stream in no time leaving no residue in the mouth and gives you a fresh mouth feel of mint flavour.

  • Dissolves immediately in mouth and no water required
  • Quick and Onset action, it kicks off within 15 to 20 mins and lasts till 12 Hrs
  • Freshens mouth with mint flavour
  • User Friendly, It just fits in your wallet

Sildenafil Oral Strips

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