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LIVKON PHARMACEUTICAL PVT LTD is a leader in the development and the exploitation of a system of liberation of active ingredients by oral route in the form of fast-dissolution strips; the ORALLY DISINTEGRATING STRIPS (ODS), A NOVEL DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM in Mumbai, India. The company situated in heart of country in Mumbai, India exploits a production plant certified by FDA for the manufacturing of Pharmaceutical and Nutraceuticals products. LIVKON PHARMACEUTICAL PVT LTD excels in the development and manufacturing of natural health products, Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals and products in the form of oral/buccal strips.

We propose to the companies of natural health products, Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals products the possibility of offering to their clientele a new form of administration for their traditional and new products. LIVKON PHARMACEUTICAL PVT LTD offers a complete line of service, at the level of development, as well as manufacturing and packaging of products.

LIVKON PHARMACEUTICAL PVT LTD continues to widen the range of products offered to industry by adding in to the traditional forms (compressed tablets, capsules, etc .) it's fast-dissolution oral strips. LIVKON PHARMACEUTICAL PVT LTD offers you a partnership giving you access to the marketing of state-of-the-art technological products.

Whatever the project, LIVKON PHARMACEUTICAL PVT LTD has the passion, the resources and the expertise necessary for the introduction of new products in the form of oral and buccal strips on the market, while being constantly on the lookout for new applications and for new partnerships.

Our technology, ORAL THIN FILM TECHNOLOGY, is the Novel Drug Delivery system for tomorrow!


Development, formulation, scale-up, optimization and validation of the commercial production of its unique products Manufacturing, labelling and packaging in pouches, in printed pouches, in combo pouch in a box or in blister cards Company brands (white labels) of our existing products

Benefits of Oral Thin Films

  • Dissolves instantly on Tongue with flavors.
  • Faster and Greater absorption than Pills, Jelly or capsule.
  • No water needed.
  • Ease of use & Tasted good.
  • No swallowing.
  • Better compliance.
  • More accurate dossing.
  • Eliminates the first pass.

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